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1Prerequisites is a space dedicated to collectives, associations, unions, etc., that act to change the world. We will not open accounts for individuals.

This form will allow you to request the creation of a for your organisation.


  • is in the beta testing phase. This means that your pre-registration does not commit us to creating an account for you.

    Indeed, we want to "scale up" over several years. We will therefore make a "manual" (and human) selection of the structures that will be the pioneers on

    Being a pioneer structure is not necessarily an advantage! Supporting resources (tutorials, videos, training, etc.) will be put in place as and when required. The first arrivals will therefore be plunged into the deep end, without a buoy, with essentially the forum as a means of mutual support for members registered with

    Maybe you should wait a few months before applying for an account rather than being one of the structures that will inevitably suffer some technical and communication setbacks.

  • The request to create a space does not mean that Framasoft will open an account for you. is reserved for certain types of audiences, not for everyone!

    This is why we need to know more about the structure that will use this

  • The service is free of charge (0€), but this does not mean that it is free.

Please take the time to read the FAQ and information about privacy, before jumping into creating an account if you don't want to be disappointed!

2Administrator account

Please note that this field is very important! We will send you a confirmation email as soon as your pre-registration is complete. Make sure it arrives in your mailbox to validate your request.

If we validate your pre-registration, you will then be able to modify this email address.

I am one of the people in charge of the organisation
I have already used the free software Nextcloud
Nextcloud is the free/libre software behind
Indicate the number of accounts you estimate you will need after one year. This number can be much lower than the number of members (for example, an association with 100 members might only need about 15 accounts for its employees and its Board of Directors)


This field is not mandatory. If it is filled in, it will be used to retrieve the information needed to automatically pre-fill the following fields.
Choose your identifier carefully. It will be used to define the address of your and cannot be changed.
If you are an association under Alsatian-Moselle local law (loi 1908), choose Association loi 1901
Make an effort to give sufficient details ("Cultural association" is a bit light, for example), but remain concise (no need to write a novel). As a reminder, the purpose of an association is often indicated in its statutes. 100 characters required.
State here, in your own words, the main actions of the organization. 300 characters required.

4Knowing you better

Fields of intervention
100 characters required.
Address of your website (if you have one).
According to you, how many people does your structure "reaches" each year? NB: this criterion is not discriminatory. We can perfectly well select for the test phase of structures in training that do not yet reach the public.
Indicate the number of employees in Full Time Equivalent (the figure may be approximate. There is no need to make complex calculations)
If your organisation is an association or collective, indicate the number of members in your organisation.
If your organisation has an annual budget, please indicate it here (even approximately). If the organisation is a company, please indicate the "accounting" amount of the income, of your profit and loss account

5Framasoft and you

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